The Commencement Ceremony for 2019 Graduate Students was Held

Publisher:网络空间安全学院Release Time:2019-09-05Times Views:23

September 5, 2019, the commencement ceremony for graduate students of the School of Cyber Science and Engineering of this year was held at Jizhong Building, Southeast University Jiulonghu Campus. Shi Chang, Secretary of the Party Committee, Associate Chair Cao Jiuxin, Che Qian (secretary of the graduate students), Wu Zhaoqing (counselor of the graduate students), etc. were present. 282 newly-enrolled graduate students from the School of Cyber Science and Engineering attended the commencement ceremony hosted by Li Tao, Assistant to the Dean.

The commencement ceremony began with the national anthem of China. Afterwards, all the students watched the video “Being Profound and Distinctive, Aiming High to be First-class”, and fully understood the establishment and development of the School.

Shi Chang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, expressed warm welcome and sincere congratulations to the new graduate students. He talked about national strategic layout, overview of the School, scientific research, cooperation projects, and establishment results of the School, which has been one of the first-class Schools in SEU. He also expressed his expectation for the graduates, hoping that they could have a sense of common destiny with the Party and our country, and make progress with SEU so as to become talents in cybersecurity within the interdisciplinary environment and contribute to the national cyber development.

Associate Chair Cao Jiuxin gave a detailed introduction to 2019 graduate students on their cultivation and shared his thoughts on the graduates’ research work. He hoped that the graduate students would develop a harmonious relationship with students and teachers and strive for excellence with a diligent attitude in science research.

Chen Zihan, a 2018 postgraduate student of our School, spoke as a representative of the senior students, sharing his insights and thoughts during the gradate years, expecting the new students would have a sense of responsibility and mission here in the School of Cyber Science and Engineering. Jiang Xinzao, a master student enrolled in 2019, on behalf of the newly-enrolled ones, expressed his yearning for the new environment and said that he would adhere to the school motto “Striving for Perfection” and work hard to head on.

The commencement ceremony for 2019 graduate students of our School came to an end with the impassioned school song.