The School won the first prize in the chorus competition of “Sing for the Motherland in Youth”.

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On the evening of September 25, SEU Chorus “Sing for the Motherland in Youth” was held in Jiao Tingbiao Hall, Jiulonghu Campus to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. Our school program “The Motherland Will Not Forget” won the first prize in the competition.

The choir is composed of more than 120 representatives of students and teachers from School of Cyber Science and Engineering, School of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Software, School of Artificial Intelligence and School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.Shi Chang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School and Zhang Lu, Deputy Party Secretary and Associate Chair, sang heartily along with the students. At the beginning of the program, four veterans, dressed in military uniforms, came on stage with the national flag. The soldiers stood still, the majestic recitation ended, and then came the warm and cheerful prelude, instantly igniting the passion of the audience. The audience couldn’t help beating with the prelude. Three violinists played their sonorous and powerful chords in praise of the motherland, and an edited video was playing lots of exciting moments of the motherland. The two students dressed in navy camouflage were dancing with the song. Under the leadership of the conductor Gao Daiwei, the teachers and students made joint effort, and sang loudly and passionately. The music stopped, but the song was lingering with the bright lights. The teachers and students on stage raised their Chinese knots with smile on their faces, showing their pride of being Chinese. The audience applauded loudly and cheered endlessly.

As the participating School and organizer of this chorus competition, our students took active action in front and behind the scenes. On the stage, there was a singing performance by teachers and students from the School, Behind the scenes, three senior students from our School, on behalf of SEU choir, conducted guidance and rehearsal for the participating team for more than a month. At the same time, the success of the whole choral competition resulted from the previous rehearsals of the students of the Student Union of the School. They were responsible for performer reminding, props, microphone, host, lighting, sound control, etc. It was because of sufficient careful preparation that the formal competition could proceed in an orderly manner as planned. Although the audience might not have seen, the teachers and students of the School were making every effort.

“Seventy years of hardships and 70 years of hard work have forged a prosperous motherland. Under Liuchao pinaceae, we strive forward. On the shores of Jiulonghu Lake, we sang loudly. Mountains and rivers will never forget, the motherland will never forget. Let us melt our youth into the rivers of our motherland and let us shine forever in the Milky Way of the Republic.” Wish the teachers and students of the School of Cyber Science and Engineering could bring the spiritual strength brought by the song to their future study, life and work, and make contribution to the motherland!(Qiu Muyao)