The First Cyber Security Quiz was Successfully Held.

Publisher:网络空间安全学院Release Time:2019-06-05Times Views:32

In the evening of June 2, the first cyber security quiz was held by Youth League Committee, School of Cyber Science and Engineering and undertaken by Innovation Club.

The quiz show was organized by Student Union, with the intention of testing students’ professional knowledge in cyber security. A week before the quiz, the organization committee set up an online registration group and provided a great number of questions as reference. The staff also answered students’ doubts and encouraged them with great patience and kindness.

The quiz was a written examination and there were 80 multiple choices all together, concerning basic knowledge in cyber security. The quiz was progressing smoothly with the active participation of the students and the guidance of organization staff.

After the quiz, the organization committee evaluated the test papers. Finally, Liu Yujie, a 2017-enrolled student of School of Cyber Science and Engineering won the first prize.