The Awarding Ceremony of Hillstone Cyber Security Scholarship was Held.

Publisher:网络空间安全学院Release Time:2019-06-07Times Views:34

The awarding ceremony of 2019 Hillstone Cyber Security Scholarship was held at Conference Room 142, School of Cyber Science and Engineering, Southeast University Jiulonghu Campus on June 6th. Senior R & D director of Hillstone Li Xiaojian, assistant to the president Cui Qingchen, Secretary of the Party Committee Shi Chang, Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Lu, and Associate Chair Cao Jiuxin were invited to the ceremony, and 19 students who obtained the scholarship were present. The ceremony was presided by Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Lu.

At the ceremony, Associate Chair Cao Jiuxin introduced the background information and evaluation mechanism of Hillstone Cyber Security Scholarship and expressed his gratitude to Hillstone’s support for the talent cultivation of SEU. Cao also congratulated the students and expressed his expectations for them. The students were expected to make progress and become leading talents in building China into a cyber power.

Afterwards, senior R & D director of Hillstone Li Xiaojian and assistant to the president Cui Qingchen issued certificates to the graduates and undergraduates respectively. Several students shared their thoughts on behalf of all scholarship winners, including 2018-enrolled undergraduate Wang Xingyu, 2017 undergraduate Wang Shaokang, 2017 master student Jia Shuo and 2018 doctoral student Zhao Dan. The students appreciated the support offered by the Company and the School, expressing their determination to challenges and promising to pay back with relentless effort to build cyber power.

Director Li Xiaojian pointed out that the major of cyber security was established for the sake of national security strategy since our country has been in urgent need of cyber security talents. He encouraged students to follow SEU motto “Striving for Perfection”, take their responsibility, rise to the challenge, and make contributions to the country.

Finally, Party Secretary Shi Chang gave a closing speech. He expressed his gratitude to Hillstone for their support and help in the development of the School. He hoped that the two parties could deepen cooperation and work together to establish an industry-university-research talent ecosystem in cyber security, thus promoting the development of China’s cyber security.

Hillstone has been a leading role in China’s cyber security industry. Founded in 2006, Hillstone has been focusing on technology innovation in the field of cyber security, and committed to providing all-round, smarter and interruption-free solutions to cyber security. Hillstone emphasizes the pioneering role of science and technology in the development of a company, pays much attention to talent training and appointment, and cares about the educational cause of the country. Aimed to encourage students to work hard and broaden their horizons, Hillstone established a scholarship program at Southeast University Education Foundation, and donated 300,000 CNY as the reward for outstanding students from School of Cyber Science and Engineering. In this way, Hillstone exerted positive effect on the discipline construction and talent cultivation of cyber security.