Exchange Meeting for Head Teachers (2018-2019 Academic Year)

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An Exchange Meeting for Head Teachers (2018-2019 Academic Year) was held on March 7th. Secretary of the Party Committee Shi Chang, Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Lu, Associate Chair Chen Liquan were present, along with all academic deans, counselors, and head teachers responsible for undergraduate education.

At the meeting, the head teachers talked about their work in the last semester, in terms of the thoughts, studies, daily life, and activities of students based on the characteristics of each class. They also put forward concrete plans and suggestions on class management in the new semester. The head teachers reached a consensus on the importance of mutual communication with students, either after class face-to-face talks or regular class meetings. In this way, they believed they could better understand the students’ learning features and mental development, thus laying a solid foundation for formative education, especially for freshmen and sophomores.

After the meeting, Associate Chair Chen Liquan introduced the reform and adjustment measures in undergraduate education, including adjustments in curriculum and specialty programs of 2019. As was proposed at the meeting, what students needed was more academic platforms and technical associations, and introduction to policies concerning graduate enrollment. Chen said that the School would take action in establishing platforms for students to join research groups or take part in competitions in order to improve their professionalism and research skills. While Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Lu emphasized that head teachers should also pay attention to ideological and political education, encourage students’ professional qualities, arouse their research interests, strengthen class cohesion, create academic atmosphere and communicate with students. She put forward corresponding suggestions and tried to promote connection between teachers and students for better education and management by involving annual assessment for head teachers.

Afterwards, academic deans and counselors carried out deep communication with head teachers on relevant policies and activities for undergraduates.

At last, Secretary of the Party Committee Shi Chang made a closing speech. He pointed out that with the transition of undergraduate education objectives, head teachers should strive for the goal of training first-class leading talents. In particular, students should be encouraged to set up goals and have their ideals. Head teachers were also expected to provide suggestions on further education, either studying abroad or postgraduate admission test, strengthen students’ professional thinking, and improve class cohesion. Only with joint efforts of all staff of our School, can we do better in undergraduate education.