Three Educational Projects of Industry-university Collaboration were Initiated with Approval of the Ministry of Education of PRC (MOE)

Publisher:网络空间安全学院Release Time:2019-03-19Times Views:40

“A List of the Second Batch of 2018’s Educational Projects of Industry-university Collaboration by Department of Higher Education, MOE” (J. G. S. H. [2019] No.12) was released recently, approving three projects of School of Cyber Science and Engineering, Southeast University. These projects, namely, “Optimization in Teaching Techniques and Lab Environment of Cloud Computing” (201802013013) by Wu Jianzhang, “Teacher Training in Cyber Security Practice” (201802076015) by Yang Wang, and “Teacher Training in Cyber Security – Southeast University” (201802095032) by Chen Liquan, concern course content, reform of the curriculum system, teacher training, etc.

It is said that Department of Higher Education, MOE organized 374 enterprises, and 16151 projects in 2018, aiming at supporting universities to carry out the second batch of educational projects of industry-university collaboration. As a demonstration unit in establishing a first-class school in cyber security, the School was set up based on the goal of innovation education and industry-university collaboration. The approval of the three projects would encourage our efforts in the reform of innovative talent cultivation in cyber security.