A Visit to NARI Group Corporation of Information&Communication Techenology Co,Ltd for Future Cooperation

Publisher:网络空间安全学院Release Time:2019-01-07Times Views:42

A group of the School (including Secretary of the Party Committee Shi Chang, Executive Dean Cheng Guang, Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Lu and Prof. Tao Jun) were recently invited to NARI Group Corporation of Information&Communication Techenology Co,Ltd for mutual communication between the School and the Company. Executives of the Company like Deputy general manager Yang Weiyong, HR Director Zhou Qiang, Business Director Zhu Shishun and Yi Yonghao from the cyber security branch attended the meeting.

Deputy general manager Yang Weiyong, on behalf of the Company, expressed his earnest welcome to the visiting group. Director Zhu Shishun introduced the basics, current development, and prospect of the Company.

Executive Dean Cheng Guang made an introduction of the background, establishment, and development of the School of Cyber Science and Engineering. He pointed out that SEU paid much attention to school-company cooperation, and SEU was committed to creating industry-university-research system. He hoped that in-depth collaboration in science and technology with the Company would help to promote the depth and width of school-company communication, launch research projects, facilitate industrial development strategies of the Company, and push ahead the School’s work in scientific research and talent cultivation, thus creating a win-win result.

Afterwards, administrators and experts of the School carried out in-depth communication with executives of the Company in terms of future development. They reached the consensus in establishing a normal mechanism of practice base and joint labs, conquering the difficulty in applications for research projects and awards, facing obstacles in infiltration, artificial intelligence, cryptographic algorithm, system safety, etc., and joint education in engineering masters and doctors. The two parts were willing to actively complete the agreement on cooperation framework and to launch the projects.