A Seminar for Teachers and Students on Mid-term Inspection of Undergraduate Education was Held

Publisher:吴兆青Release Time:2018-11-26Times Views:66

A seminar for teachers and students on mid-term inspection of undergraduate education was held in Room 142 on November 26, aiming to have a thorough and overall grasp of the operation of undergraduate education, discover and solve existing problems, and strengthen communication between teachers and students. Gong Jian, Director of the School’s Teaching Committee, Zhang Lu, Deputy Party Secretary, Chen Liquan, Vice Dean of the School, and representatives of head teachers, educational administrators, counselors and undergraduates attended the seminar.

At the seminar, representatives of 2017 and 2018 undergraduate students talked about the common problems in their studies. They put forward confusions, opinions and suggestions concerning ways to adapt to college life, classroom methods, teaching effects and difficulties encountered in their own study. Such specific issues as curriculum setting, curriculum schedule, practical curriculum system, academic planning, competition platforms and the prospects were particularly discussed.

With great patience, the teachers present responded to the questions and demands raised by the students. Prof. Gong Jian pointed out that students should fully understand the differences between middle schools and universities and adapt to the changes in learning methods and lifestyle with their own efforts. He also suggested that students should improve their time management skills and learning capacity, and further enhance confidence in their major. Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Lu advocated opening lectures on “professionalism”, and emphasized the influence of head teachers on the healthy growth of students as well as the significant role of student leaders. Vice Dean Chen Liquan said that the School would optimize and adjust the training program and curriculum schedule, carry out special assistance programs, and promote instant, sufficient and effective communication between students and teachers. In addition, the head teachers, educational administrators and counselors also shared their thoughts on undergraduate education based on their daily work.

The teacher-student seminar plays an important role in promoting the high-quality development of undergraduate education in our School. The School will further summarize the opinions and reasonable suggestions put forward by teachers and students during the seminar, and take effective measures so as to solve all the problems in education.  (Chen Ming)