2018 Summer Social Practice Defense was Held

Publisher:吴兆青Release Time:2018-09-03Times Views:48

On the afternoon September 3, the summer social practice defense of the School of Cyber Science and Engineering was held at Room 142 in the Computer Building. Wu Zhaoqing and Chen Ming, attended the defense as judges, and some members who had taken part in social practice audited the meeting.

First of all, Wang Yikang, speaker of the team “Infinite”, introduced their topic “Research on Network Security Development and Professionalism Improvement under the National Cyber Development Strategy”. He started from the research background and elaborated on the problems put forward by the “Infinite”. Then, he explained their experimental process based on these problems, including visiting the company, consulting technical personnel on network security technology, conducting simulation interviews with human resource managers, and introducing the School of Cyber Science and Engineering to the company’s managers. Meanwhile, he talked about their promotion on the WeChat subscription account, and finally came to a conclusion based on their research. He also put forward suggestions to the college and students.

Si Xiaokai, the speaker of “Ready Player One” team, introduced their research “Building the Great Wall of Network Security Together”. He firstly introduced the team members and their supervisor, and made a brief summary of their social practice. Then he introduced their way to popularize knowledge and promote their team, such as conducting a questionnaire survey, creating a WeChat subscription account, and handing out brochures. Their team investigated two companies – Yxlink and XCTF, through interviews and visits. They also interviewed the staff of the STATE GRID Corporation and Jiangsu Education Information Center. Meanwhile, they compared China’s colleges and universities that had the major of Cybersecurity, and studied on their curriculum. They also interviewed Prof. Chen Liquan, Deputy Dean of the School of Cyber Science and Engineering, SEU, and discussed with him about issues such as textbook compilation, career prospects and talent assessment. At last, he shared with us the practical results and his own thoughts.

The third team was introduced by Wu Guoquan and Gao Xiaoyue. Wu Guoquan first explained the background of the topic – Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 and his concern for Wenchuan’s development in the past decade, and he introduced the Wenchuan spirit, Wenchuan speed and examples. Gao Xiaoyue introduced the activity process with a video and summed up the influence on the team members with three philosophical sentences. Finally, the factors supporting the reconstruction of Wenchuan were concluded as national cohesion, development impetus and spiritual influence.

At the end of the defense, the two teachers commented on the social practice of the three groups. Chen Ming proposed three common problems – failure in putting forward specific problems, lack of problem-solving process and direct conclusions, and he suggested that the three groups should revise their reports with reference to the liberal arts investigation papers. Wu Zhaoqing pointed out the lack of research content of the three groups. She also suggested promoting the activity influence on more people, avoiding professional content and making the explanation easier to understand. (Wu Zehui)