FAST: Network technology innovation oriented open-source projects and applications

Publisher:吴兆青Release Time:2018-09-25Times Views:42

Lecturer: Prof. Zhigang Sun, from National University of Defense Technology

Date and time: 2018-Sept-29(Sat.), 16:00

Location: Room 313, Computer Bd., Jiulonghu Campus

Abstract: The idea of software-defined network (SDN) accelerates the innovation of network technology. The emerging trend of programmable, hardware acceleration and platformization of the network data plane has proposed urgent need for open-source platform for network innovation. The talk summarizes the trend of the network data plane in recent years and introduce the open-source project that support network technology innovation proposed in 2016--FAST. Regarding this FAST project, the talk analyzes its software/hardware coordination processing model, its realization mechanism and its application on the network technology innovation.

Bio: Zhigang Sun is a researcher and doctoral advisor of the School of Computer Sci.&Tech. of NUDT. His major research area includes: Internet architecture and protocols, software-defined network and high-performance network equipment realization. Leader of the National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program) projects of: Yinheyuheng 9108 core router, next-generation high-performance router, Tera-byte level open reconfigurable routing system etc. Chief expert of the 863-program project Key techniques and verification of the new dynamic trusted network of the 12th 5-year-plan. Leader and promoter of the programable network experiment platform NetMagic and SND open-source project the FAST. Recipient of the New Century Excellent Talented Support Project, National Science and Technology Progress Special Award, National Science and Technology Progress 2nd Prize (twice), ministerial level scientific and technological progress 1st prize (twice) and 2nd prize (5 times).