Master Program

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Master Program

I. Overiew

        The “cyberspace security” is a newly approved first-grade discipline of the state, and it is currently one of the key disciplines in Jiangsu Province. The School of Cyber Science and Engineering has the right to grant doctoral and master's degrees. There are 62 faculties, including 21 professors, 25 associate professors, and 16 lecturers with doctoral degrees. The school has strong faculty, excellent research conditions and advantages of research in fields of wireless communication network security, Internet of Things security, network security, cyberspace security monitoring and protection, anonymous communication and privacy protection, etc. The school has established Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Network and Information Security, Southeast University Information Security Research Center and other scientific research institutions. In recent years, it has undertaken a number of national 863 programs, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Development and Reform Commission information security project, provincial and ministerial level projects. And some famous companies have also cooperated with the school in many large-scale scientific research projects. The School of Cyber Science and Engineering received a number of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements awards, and the school obtained dozens of national invention patents and software copyrights.

II. Objectives

The students are required to master the basic theories of cyberspace security and related subject knowledge, and be proficient in various development tools. The students will get the ability to work independently in scientific research during the master period study. The master's degree holders are qualified for the relevant professional scientific research and the technology development. The graduates can be proficient in a foreign language.

III. Research Divisions

       Wireless Communication Network Security

       Internet of Things Security

       Network Security Theory and Technology

       Cyberspace Security Monitoring and Protection

       Anonymous Communication and Privacy Protection

IV. Duration

       The duration is generally 2-3 years, and it can be as long as 4 years.


       Literature Reading

In the period of topic selection, at least 20 articles are required to be read, which includes 15 foreign papers. And the student should complete a literature review.

       Dissertation Writing

In addition to meeting the school regulations, the dissertation must be a systematic and complete academic paper, which requires the clear concepts, the correct and rigorous arguments, correct calculations, reliable data,  simple and smooth writing, and suitable charts.

       Quality of Dissertation

       Based on investigation and research, the topic of the dissertation should be valuable for the development of the national economy. The research period on this topic should not be less than one year, and at least one academic paper should be published before the master's degree awarded.